We Did It!

Charles is the new mayor!
Thank you Corvallis!!

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For almost a decade, Charles has worked with the people of Corvallis to bring awareness to issues affecting our community, and to foster civic involvement. As mayor, he will hold regular neighborhood forums to hear your ideas and concerns. He will work to ensure that together we build a prosperous Corvallis.


Charles understands that the needs of business owners, students, and community members must be addressed by providing opportunities for ALL to prosper. He knows that we must provide affordable housing for all people to create a more inclusive Corvallis. Homelessness is a multifaceted issue. Our community needs not just emergency shelters, but also additional transitional and permanent supportive housing.


Charles led the charge to have the Corvallis city government operate on 100% renewable energy eight years ahead of its 2030 goal. He knows climate action is urgent and necessary and, as mayor, Charles will ensure Corvallis continues as a statewide leader in combating the climate crisis.

… till we vote!

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Photo of city hall by Steve Morgan, licensed for public use on Wikimedia Commons, shown above with transparency applied.

We support Charles

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Travis Nelson, State Representative

Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukie

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Xan Augerot, Benton County Commissioner

Gabe Shepherd, Corvallis City Councilor

Sarah Finger McDonald, Corvallis School Board Chair

Vince Adams, Corvallis School Board

Jessica Andrade, Philomath City Councilor

James Winther, Monroe City Councilor

Benton County Democrats

Sunrise Corvallis

Our Revolution – Corvallis Allies

Charles Maughan outdoors by the water on a beautiful day

The Issues

Charles will make a difference for Corvallis as Mayor. Here’s how.

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Charles at campaign event outdoors with supporters

Meet Charles

Get to know your representative! Here’s Charles’s track record.

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Photo of Corvallis City Hall taken by Steve Morgan in 2018, cropped

Why Mayor Matters

There’s a lot to this position, and we need a dedicated leader to fill it.

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