The Mayor

People ask… What does the mayor do exactly?

  • Chair the City Council
  • Approve records of Council proceedings
  • Approve ordinances (or not)
  • Appoint committees, and
  • Endorse all bonds of officers of the City.

There are expectations beyond those in the Charter, however. The Mayor of Corvallis is expected to represent the community’s values at gatherings large and small, within and beyond the city, and whenever a citizen feels it is time to call the mayor.

Chairing the City Council includes presiding over its deliberations, with the authority to determine the order of business, preserve order, enforce the rules of the Council, and call special meetings if necessary. The Mayor does not vote except in the case of a tie. All approved records of the proceedings of the Council (such as minutes or resolutions) must be signed by the Mayor. Ordinances (codes/laws) can be vetoed, although two-thirds of the Council can overturn a veto.

The City Charter also says, “The Mayor shall appoint the committees provided under the rules of the Council.” This is a big job. For each two-year term, each City Councilor is appointed by the Mayor to serve as liaisons to a broad range of civic organizations and to the more than 20 boards, commissions, and committees that advise the Council. Meanwhile, it is very important for the Mayor to be continually on the lookout for people of good will and good judgment to serve on those advisory bodies.

Charles looks forward to serving as your Mayor to move Corvallis forward.

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