Charles on the Issues

Charles Maughan outdoors by the water on a beautiful day
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Charles is a local leader who’s been involved in politics in the Corvallis community for almost a decade.

Starting as a volunteer for the Corvallis for Bernie Sanders Campaign, he put in countless hours fighting for progressive change. In 2018, Charles was elected to the Corvallis City Council and has served Ward 2 since 2019. Here’s what he’s been working on.

Affordable housing and houselessness solutions.

Charles currently works as a Compliance Analyst for Oregon Housing and Community Services, which is responsible for development and oversight of affordable housing projects throughout Oregon. Prior to this position, he was the manager at the Julian Hotel, which provides affordable housing for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Charles is a member of the Executive Committee of the Home Opportunity Planning and Equity (HOPE) Advisory Board, a joint effort between the City of Corvallis and Benton County to facilitate a comprehensive coordinated response to address housing and homelessness.

All of this experience makes Charles uniquely qualified to pursue action in our community to address affordable housing and houselessness.

Action from the ground up.

He also served on the Community Relations Advisory Board and the Southtown Steering Committee. Charles is Chair of the SouthTown Urban Renewal District Budget Committee; he also serves as the vice chair of the Benton County Democrats and remains a key member of Our Revolution-Corvallis Allies. His involvement is inspired by Bernie Sanders’ philosophy of “Change comes from the bottom up.” Charles is committed to listening to ALL voices in the community.

A sustainable, resilient city.

Charles is passionate about building a sustainable Corvallis. He led the charge to move our city to a net-zero municipal carbon footprint. Due in part to his advocacy for the Strategic Operational Plan (section S-8 B) and the hard work of city staff to reach those goals, Corvallis’s municipal buildings will be powered by 100% renewables by 2023—eight years ahead of schedule.

Meanwhile, Charles actively supports efforts to install more charging stations for electric vehicles, convert the transit fleet to electric and other strategies for greenhouse gas reduction. He is intent upon making Corvallis a model community for sustainability and resiliency.

Charles is a husband, father, grandfather, activist and friend.

He currently lives in south Corvallis with his wife Holly, their youngest child Charlie, and their dog and cat, Bowie and Bug.

Rank Charles Maughan your first choice for Mayor.

As your Mayor, Charles will work to move Corvallis forward.