Local Elected Officials

Xan Augerot

Xan Augerot, Benton County Commissioner

Gabe Shepherd

Gabe Shepherd, Corvallis City Councilor

Sarah Finger McDonald

Sarah Finger McDonald, Corvallis School Board Chair

Vince Adams

Vince Adams, Corvallis School Board

Tina Baker

Tina Baker, Corvallis School Board

Briae Lewis
“I honestly can’t think of a more fitting person for this upcoming Mayoral race! Charles won’t stop working for the best of the community and never a believer of giving up on what matters most.”

Briae Lewis, candidate for Corvallis City Councilor

Other Local Elected Officials

Jessica Andrade, Philomath City Councilor
James Winther, Monroe City Councilor

Corvallis community leaders

Shawn Collins
Rev. Jennifer Butler, First Congregational UCC
Alita Hass-Holcomb
Shari Clough, OSU Doctor of Philosophy

“‘Not me, us.’ That slogan, the centerpiece of Charles Maughan’s campaign for mayor, is a vision of an inclusive community, better for you and for me and for us all. I want Corvallis to be a pioneer in achieving that community. I am endorsing Charles Maughan for mayor of Corvallis.”

Bill Glassmire, former Corvallis City Councilor

George Grosch
“I am happy to endorse Charles Maughan for Mayor of Corvallis. Charles exemplifies the ideals of putting people first and building community. He understands that resilient communities are prosperous communities. He cares about growing local economies by making sustainable use our land, water and air resources for now and into the future. People want to live in places where they feel heard, and seen. Understanding that they matter. Charles proudly stands beside LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Communities in seeking Justice for All. It’s time for leadership that truly brings communities together to build for a prosperous future. I hope you will join me in supporting Charles Maughan for Mayor of Corvallis.”

George Grosch, Former Corvallis City Councilor

Leaders from Across the State

Travis Nelson

Travis Nelson, State Representative

Mark Gamba

Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukee, OR, Nominee for State Representative

Farrah Chaichi

Farrah Chaichi, Nominee for State Representative

Doyle Canning

Doyle Canning, Founder of Skyridge Strategies

Rosa Colquitt

Dr. Rosa Colquitt, 2nd Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon

Michelle Risher

Michelle Risher, Oregon DNC Delegate

Sarah Spansail

Sarah Spansail, Medford City Councilor

Other Oregon leaders

Colette Paré-Miller, Talent City Councilor

“In order to build a progressive future, we need strong leaders with integrity working hard for the people at all levels of government. Charles is that person for Corvallis.”

Progressive Democrats of America, Oregon Chapter

Oregon League of Conservation Voters seal of approval
Benton County Democrats logo
Our Revolution - Corvallis Allies logo
Sunrise Corvallis

Join with us in voting Charles Maughan for Mayor of Corvallis.